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Dec. 9, 2019

Buyers Guide Winter 2020

Nov. 20, 2019

November 2019 Market Update


It's a great day at Jose Perez and Associates. My name is Jose Perez. I'm here to give you an update for the month of November. So there's three topics that I want to talk to you guys about. Number one, if you are looking to buy or sell and you're thinking about holding off until next year, please stay tuned to what I have to say today. Number two, I'd like to give you guys access to the new buyer and seller guides and number three guys, business plan. Are you working on your business plan?

Are you waiting until 2020?

Number one, are you're thinking about waiting until 2020 to buy or sell?  Remember in economics class your senior year, they talked about supply and demand, well bring that thought back to now. So what happens is at the end of the year, most people, start holding off. They get in holiday mode, both buyers, sellers, and even some real estate agents, and they hold off until next year. Here's what happens if you're a seller, and there's less properties on the market, and there's still a high demand of buyers. What happens to your property? It looks more attractive. If you wait until January and you put it on the market, then there's more sellers that are thinking like you. And guess what happens? Now you have more competition because there's more houses on the market. So if you're a seller and you're thinking about selling, give us a call. We will be glad to analyze your particular property to see if it would make sense for you to sell now or wait until January. If you're thinking about buying. Same concept guys. There is going to be more serious sellers right now during the holiday season. There's also less buyers. Come January, you know, new year new me, everybody's new year's resolution to buy a house. You're going to have more competition out there. So if you're thinking about buying, consider that you have less competition during the holidays. Keep that in mind and again, if you're looking to get a strategy session as to when is the best time to buy or sell, give us a call for a personalized consultation. 

Winter Buyer and Seller Guides coming soon!

Number two guys I want to give you guys access to our new buyer and seller guys, we are going to be rolling those out on December 5th so please click on our website and check those out. The winter additions are coming out. 

Need help with your Business Plan?

Lastly guys, I am working on my business plan for 2020 and I'd like to get your help. This December is gonna be 20 years that I've been in the industry. I'm 40 years old, that's half my life, and more and more every year I've depended on my clients, my friends, to refer me business. What I realize is I want to help my friends and my clients accomplish their goals. So if you're working on your business plan and there's something that I can do to help you, please reach out and let me know. Until next time, guys, if you know anybody that might be looking to buy, sell, or invest anywhere from LA to Palm Springs, please give us a call 951-444-5811.

Sept. 19, 2019

September 2019 Market Update


It's a great day at Jose Perez and Associates. My name is Jose Perez. I'm here to give you an update for the month of September. There are three topics I want to share with you guys today. Number one, do you have PTSD for real estate? Number two, do you know what strategies you can use to pay off your mortgage early? And number three, have you gotten informed as to how to buy or how to sell? 


Do you have PTSD for Real Estate?

So number one, PTSD for real estate. Do you have it? Here's what I mean by that. A lot of folks bought properties in '05, '06, '07, '08, and during the mortgage meltdown either had a short sale or had a foreclosure in the past and for that reason, they're a little bit scared about jumping back into the real estate market. Here's what I've got to share with you guys. This market we're in today is a whole lot different and even if we do go into recession in 2020 I want you to know that there is a big difference. Let me share this that economist at Zillow had to say "The housing crash during the Great Recession left a lasting impression...But as we look ahead to the next recession, it's important to recognize how unusual the conditions were that caused that last one, and what's different about the housing market today. Rather than abundant homes, we have a shortage of new home supply. Rather than risky borrowers taken on adjustable-rate mortgages, we have buyers with sterling credit scores taking out predictable 30-year fixed-rate mortgages. The housing market is simply much less risky than it was 15 years ago." It's also predicted that if we do go into recession, it's going to last a lot less time than what it did last time. Lastly, if you were to look at this chart and look at the last five recessions, three out of the last five recessions, property values went up. And I continue to say that because the last time that the property values went down during a recession, remember the real estate and mortgage industry were the cause of that recession. So we don't expect that to happen again. 



Payoff your mortgage sooner!

Now on a much brighter note, let's talk about paying off your mortgage. Did you know that 37% of Americans have a paid-off house? No mortgage. So what I thought about was sharing with you guys some of the strategies that I'm using, some of the strategies that other folks are using in regards to paying off their house fast and as soon as possible. So one of them, for instance, is getting yourself on a biweekly payment. The second strategy is using a home equity line of credit, both either a second or a first mortgage. And third, knowing the difference between a daily accrued interest and an amortization schedule. If you're interested in paying off your mortgage soon or faster than the 30 years, please give us a call so we can do a one on one strategy session.



Are you well informed about real estate?

Lastly, I read an interesting quote with Albert Einstein and this is what it says. "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." That just really reminded me of how important it is to make an informed decision. So what we do is every quarter we pull out our new buyer and seller guides and our fall buyer and seller guides are now available. You could download them in the link below or go to our website to download them. But guys in a shifting market, especially a year where you're going to have presidential elections, it's really important to know what you're doing when it comes to real estate and hopefully you can see that we take our time to study the market so that we can share it with you guys. And that way we can make an informed decision that's best suited for your family.

Fall Buyer Guide               



  Fall Seller Guide


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Sept. 12, 2019

Sellers Guide Fall 2019

Sept. 12, 2019

Buyers Guide Fall 2019

Aug. 23, 2019

August 2019 Market Update


Is a recession coming?

It's a great day at Jose Perez and Associates. My name is Jose Perez. I'm here to give you an update for the month of August. There are three topics I want to share with you guys today. Number one is recession and what that means to real estate. Number two is interest rates and what are those doing that are impacting our lives today. And number three, is this a good time to buy or sell? 


Recession and real estate

Number one, I want to jump right into recession. If you watch CNN, constant negative news, that's probably what it should stand for. They keep talking about the US going into recession. Now, first of all, most people, they automatically equate recession with the housing crisis and they don't mean the same thing. Recession is when the GDP goes down for two quarters in a row and when that happens, we're considered to be in a recession as a growth domestic product. So real estate, 3 out of the last 5 recessions, real estate property values have actually gone up. The only reason why most people equate those two is because the last recession that we were in was actually caused by the real estate and mortgage market. And that's the reason why property values went down significantly during the last recession. But keep in mind, most of the time, a recession is actually a good thing for real estate because investors, people with money, they end up pulling the money out of the stock market and other things like that and they put it into real estate. So make sure you're in tune with that. 


How low are interest rates?

Number two guys, interest rates, they are super low. I think they're going to the lowest they've been in 4 years. Whether you're looking to buy right now using FHA or conventional or VA, whether you're looking to refinance, interest rates are low. If you're thinking about doing any of those, give us a call. We will connect you with a great lender that would get you guys that lowest interest rate lowest down payment, lowest monthly payment, and take good care of you guys. 


Is this a good time to buy or sell?

Number three, is this a good time to buy or sell? Guys, no matter what you do, if you buy a property today, 10 years from now, you're going to be really glad you did. In fact, what I'm saying is double down by three properties if you can, because at the end of the day, with appreciations being forecasted to go up 3% to 4% every year for the next 4 to 5 years, I think this is a great time to buy. What better place than here in America. If you guys know anybody that might be looking to buy, sell or invest, give us a call 951-444-5811 or visit our website to check out all the latest listings at

July 18, 2019

July 2019 Market Update

It's a great day at Jose Perez and Associates. My name is Jose Perez. I'm here to give you an update for the month of July. There are 3 topics I want to share with you guys today. Number one is interest rates. Number two, what's going to happen in real estate over the next six months? That's the second part of the year. Three, what's going to happen with home prices? Are we going to go up or are we going to go down?

Interest Rates are low

First, let's talk about interest rates. We are at a three year low right now. Interest rates are pretty close to 3% very low 3's, and what that means to you is that, if you are a buyer, you get to buy at a really low interest rate. I mean, Geez, if they get any lower, the banks are going to start paying you to take a mortgage. Now if you're a seller, that means there are more buyers available and there's more demand for your property. So take advantage if you're looking to refinance or purchase, now is a great time.

Whats happening the second half of the year?

Number two guys, what's going to happen the second half of the year. Now from what we've been projecting, we're going to have a little bit of a surge in real estate, more sales and definitely a little bit of appreciation this second half of the year. The first half of 2019 and the later part of 2018 was considered a little bit slow even though it was a great market for us, but at the same time, from what we're seeing with interest rates being low and more inventory, we're expecting a surge of sales for the second half. So take advantage of that, especially if you're thinking about selling right now.

Is a recession coming?

Lastly, guys, I get this question all the time. "What is going to happen with property values? Are they going down?" "I hear we're going into recession." Recession is one thing, and property depreciation is a completely different thing. We've gotten into many recessions here in the United States, and that doesn't necessarily equate to property values going down. So take note of that. Everybody's kind of projecting a recession going into 2020 however, the economists have done studies on this and they're saying that property values will continue going up, or the next three years, however, it will be at a slower pace. So for example, in the last few years, we've been going up at about 6%, 7%. A normal market goes up about 3.6%. We're expected to go up between 2% and 4% over the next few years. However, remember, we are still going to be in the green. We are still going up. So keep that in mind.

Real estate is still a sound investment

Real estate is still a sound investment. If you know of anybody that might be looking to buy, sell, or invest between LA and Palm Springs, please think of us first. Give us a call. (951)444-5811 or visit our website at

June 18, 2019

June 2019 Market Update


It's a great day at Jose Perez and Associates. My name is Jose Perez and I'm here to give you an update for the month of June. My name is Jose Perez. We sell real estate from LA to Palm Springs and every city in between We deliver a systematic approach to real estate. Are you ready to receive the red carpet experience with proven results? Then what are you waiting for? Let us put you on the map. 

10 Reasons to Buy

June is national homeownership month, and first off, I wanted to share with you guys 10 reasons why it's important to own a home 


Having a space that is solely your own. 


Putting needs of your immediate family and children first. 


Having control of your future direction and security. 

Physical comfort

Having the amenities and features that enhance daily experiences. 


Entertaining and sharing with friends. 


Being a part of a broader community of people in society.

Personal expression

The ability to display your unique personality, desire, and interest. 


Opportunity to create, build and grow things. 


Reflection of your efforts and success. 

Financial Investment

Opportunity to grow your assets and wealth.  


Why I am Optimistic

Second, I'd like to share with you guys a couple of slides on why I'm so optimistic on homeownership today. Check out these two graphs on the economy today. 


Number three I want to give you a quick real estate update if you were to see these charts that I have in my hands. Number one shows that we're at 2.7 months of supply, and that means we're still in a seller's market. However, property inventory's going up. That means there are more homes to choose from.  Number two, interest rates are at a two year low. So take advantage of that. 





Buyer and Seller Guides

Lastly, I'd like to invite you guys to download our new summer guides for home buyers and home sellers. You can either see them in the body of this email or number two, you can download them from our website.


Click on either guide below:


 Until next time, as you know, we cover LA to Palm Springs. Give us a call (951) 444-5811 or visit our website at

June 18, 2019

Sellers Guide 2019

June 18, 2019

Buyers Guide Summer 2019