It's a great day at Jose Perez and Associates. My name is Jose Perez. I'm here to give you an update for the month of November. So there's three topics that I want to talk to you guys about. Number one, if you are looking to buy or sell and you're thinking about holding off until next year, please stay tuned to what I have to say today. Number two, I'd like to give you guys access to the new buyer and seller guides and number three guys, business plan. Are you working on your business plan?

Are you waiting until 2020?

Number one, are you're thinking about waiting until 2020 to buy or sell?  Remember in economics class your senior year, they talked about supply and demand, well bring that thought back to now. So what happens is at the end of the year, most people, start holding off. They get in holiday mode, both buyers, sellers, and even some real estate agents, and they hold off until next year. Here's what happens if you're a seller, and there's less properties on the market, and there's still a high demand of buyers. What happens to your property? It looks more attractive. If you wait until January and you put it on the market, then there's more sellers that are thinking like you. And guess what happens? Now you have more competition because there's more houses on the market. So if you're a seller and you're thinking about selling, give us a call. We will be glad to analyze your particular property to see if it would make sense for you to sell now or wait until January. If you're thinking about buying. Same concept guys. There is going to be more serious sellers right now during the holiday season. There's also less buyers. Come January, you know, new year new me, everybody's new year's resolution to buy a house. You're going to have more competition out there. So if you're thinking about buying, consider that you have less competition during the holidays. Keep that in mind and again, if you're looking to get a strategy session as to when is the best time to buy or sell, give us a call for a personalized consultation. 

Winter Buyer and Seller Guides coming soon!

Number two guys I want to give you guys access to our new buyer and seller guys, we are going to be rolling those out on December 5th so please click on our website and check those out. The winter additions are coming out. 

Need help with your Business Plan?

Lastly guys, I am working on my business plan for 2020 and I'd like to get your help. This December is gonna be 20 years that I've been in the industry. I'm 40 years old, that's half my life, and more and more every year I've depended on my clients, my friends, to refer me business. What I realize is I want to help my friends and my clients accomplish their goals. So if you're working on your business plan and there's something that I can do to help you, please reach out and let me know. Until next time, guys, if you know anybody that might be looking to buy, sell, or invest anywhere from LA to Palm Springs, please give us a call 951-444-5811.