It's a great day at Jose Perez and Associates. My name is Jose Perez here to give you an update for the month of April. Three topics I want to share with you guys today. So one, we're getting a lot of people asking us, should I add to my house? Should I make improvements or should I just sell and have a house that already has everything. That's one hot topic. Hot topic, number two why are people making these high offers? Should I even buy it right now? Joseph's going to share with you guys some great news on that. And number three, if you're thinking about selling your house and moving to the next one, and you don't want to be left homeless, we have nine strategies on how to do that safely. Stay tuned for that.

Do I Need An Addition Or A New House?

Welcome back. So, first off, if you're thinking about adding to your house, maybe creating a new office or a little school for your kids, we have options for that. You're weighing that out versus buying a bigger house that already has that built-in. Here's the beauty as a certified mortgage advisor and a broker with 21 years of experience, we have the ability to look at both options and see what makes sense for you. Sometimes in the market, we're in right now, the cost of construction is going up. So we want to explore the options and comparing contrast whether it's worth it for you to do a cash-out refinance, to have the funds to add to your property, or if it's easier for us to go out and find you a bigger home that already has those amenities. So if that's you give us a call so we can look at that directly.

Should I Put In An Above Asking Price Offer?

Hey, everybody, Joseph Portillo here with Jose Perez and Associates and I want to share with you some thoughts about buying a home. If you're on the fence about buying a home because it's competitive and you're hearing people writing offers over the asking price, and you think it's crazy. I want to share with you why it's not crazy. In California, the average appreciation price for homes last year was $55,000. That means that for some people writing offers 15 to $25,000 over the asking price, they're getting their money back and then some in a 12 month period. So in addition, you're able to secure some of the lowest interest rates we've seen in a long time. So people aren't crazy, people are just banking on appreciation, going up and it continuing to do so.

What Option Will You Use To Sell Your Home?

Number three, guys, if you're looking to sell your house and buy your next home, and you're afraid of being homeless, I just want you to know we have nine options that you can pick from now. I'm just going to give you two for today. The rest you have to call for. So number one is we sell your property contingent. That means there's a condition contingent on you finding that perfect replacement home. Or number two, a bridge loan. As a lender we have so many different options with lenders out there and a bridge loan will allow you to use your current equity so that you can get into your next home without being contingent. So if you're thinking about buying, selling refinancing, or just want to get an assessment of your equity position, give us a call today at 562-646-6321. We look forward to serving you next.